Learnin’ Ruby – Kick Off!

Well it is about that time where I get an itch to learn something new, build something new and just play with technology.

This will be a short (about four parts I think) series of blog entries as I fumble and eventually get something working.

Nobody really reads my blog that I know of.  You know what they say…”blog like nobody reads it”.  Well that is just what I do.  I think I mostly blog just to have a place of reference…much like a notepad that is also viewable by the public.  So if you do happen to read this and it does help you…..well Huzzah!

So I picked Ruby on Rails published to the cloud service http://www.heroku.com/
Reasons for this choice

  • Lots of hype about cloud and I wanted to play in it.
    • I looked at building something in http://force.com , but it didn’t interest me enough.
  • I have been watching Ruby and Rails for a long time and always have had a interest to build something in it.  It kinda reminds me of the next next next generation of Fusebox back in the ColdFusion days.
  • A group in my company is building an app with RoR http://beta.hubbubhealth.com/
  • And the best reason….Ruby is my birthstone!
So the super rough…super high level plan….
1. Set up Development and Test environments.
GIT and Notepad for development environment.
Heroku for the test environment.
2. Develop a simple Ruby on Rails application.
3. Improve Development environment with IDE & Unit testing.
Any recommendations?  Was thinking of checking out RubyMine I always did like IntelliJ IDEA
Was also planning on writing some unit tests in Cucumber
4. Add some functionality to the application
Not sure what yet……maybe some Google Charts?
5. Write some automated tests for the new features.
I plan on using Watir for this.
6. And the last part will be performance testing in the cloud!
I plan on using Apache JMeter for this.
Well it ended up being 6 parts…..I was 2 off :-).
And before any coding can be started…..design drafts must be completed.
Well since I have been watching motogp motorcycle racing we went with that theme!

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