Software Vision Document – Design-the-Box exercise

Vision is what guides us and keeps us between the lines. Chaos is almost always inevitable when developing software and a good vision document will assist us with staying on track and ensuring we deliver the right solution.



This product vision model helps team members pass the elevator test — the ability to explain the project to someone within two minutes. It comes from Geoffrey Moore’s book Crossing the Chasm. It follows the form:


  • For (target customer)
  • Who (statement of the need or opportunity)
  • The (product name) is a (product category)
  • That (key benefit, compelling reason to buy)
  • Unlike (primary competitive alternative)
  • Our product (statement of primary differentiation)



The “Design the Box“ exercise came from this article and I have found this method very useful when starting to develop your solution vision.


The team makes the assumption that the product/solution will be sold in a shrink-wrapped box, and their task is to design the product box front and back. This involves coming up with a product name, a graphic, three to four key bullet points on the front to “sell” the product, a detailed feature description on the back, and operating requirements.


The full article can be found at the link below.



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